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What's New in Hammer Missions - Jan 2024 Product Update

Hammer Hub 🖥

1. Share Links with Edit Access 🔗

Looking for an easy way to allow end customers and stakeholders to edit projects?

Now share editable links in Hammer Hub with anyone! Anyone with the link can now annotate, comments and measure on the shared project. Try it out now!

Sharing Links in Hammer Missions
Sharing Links in Hammer Missions

Please note that all links shared in the past will now be editable too.

2. Materials in Stockpile Measurements! ⛰️

Now assign density & materials to various stockpiles and automatically calculate:

  • Tonnage (lbs/ft^3)

  • Monetary Value ($)

Simply click on the stockpile and add the relevant information to compute tonnage and more!

Additionally, you can now colour code your stockpiles and export them in the PDF Reports. Who doesn't like things being organised?

Stockpile Volumes, Tonnage & Density in Hammer Missions
Stockpile Volumes, Tonnage & Density in Hammer Missions

3. Faster Facade Mapping ⚡

We have improved the performance of facade planning on the hub.

Now plan flight paths around complex shapes and structures!

Facade Mapping can contribute to higher quality 3D models when used well. Watch our latest video on how to do this well.

Facade Mapping in Hammer Missions
Facade Mapping in Hammer Missions

4. New Cameras: M30T and M2EA-T 📸

Say hello to new cameras for planning! Now pick M30T and M2EA-T as additional cameras to plan your missions for high-quality data collection. These cameras will sync from the Hub to the App and allow you to plan your flights without having to setup custom cameras.

5. Azimuth Measurements 📡

Looking to understand the orientation of antennas on those cell towers? Cell Tower Mapping projects now allow you to measure the antenna azimuth, slope and length all through a single measurement!

To use this option, please ensure that your project type is set to 'Cell Tower'

Drone-based Azimuth Cell Tower Measurements
Drone-based Azimuth Cell Tower Measurements

6. Keyboard Shortcuts for Inspections ⌨️

We understand the importance of being able to inspect a roof or a facade quickly. Now use the arrow keys on your keyboard to sift left and right between images! Simply pick a thumbnail or a yellow point and start sifting ↔️

You can even do this in full screen mode!
Building Inspections - Keyboard Shortcuts
Building Inspections - Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Automatic Gimbal 🎥

Looking for a way to automatically adjust gimbal in Tower Mapping missions to get that tower perfectly aligned with the camera? Automatic Gimbal adjustment in our Android app is here!

Automatic Gimbal For Tower Missions
Automatic Gimbal For Tower Missions

To learn more about how to use our apps for tower mapping, please visit:

2. Obstacles & No Fly Zones 🚫

Introducing Obstacles and No Fly Zones in our Android app! Now sync your challenging missions with no fly zones directly from Hammer Hub to the Android app and fly with latest DJI drones.

What's even better is that you can bring in your past maps and models as a base layer for your mission planning!
Obstacles and No Fly Zones Planning
Obstacles and No Fly Zones Planning

3. Smooth Waypoint Corners 🪡

You can now adjust waypoint corners in Waypoint missions. Create smooth transitions from point to point and capture your site from the same points over time!

Please note that the waypoint corner radius is currently not visualised but will be in our upcoming versions.

4. Compass Calibration 🧭

Uncalibrated drone? No problem, you can now calibrate the M3E and M30 series directly from the Android app. Save time by switching less between Hammer Missions and DJI Pilot 2.

Compass Calibration in Hammer Missions Android App
Compass Calibration in our Android App

5. Adjustable Max Height & Radius ⭕

Fly higher or further? Use the Android app to now set up higher altitude or radius limits depending on your mission requirements. Please always respect your local flying regulations!

6. Base Station RTK (Beta) 🛰️

We have revived the support for DJI-RTK 2 Base Station on Mavic 3 Enterprise series.

D-RTK2 Integration for M3E Series
D-RTK2 Integration for M3E Series

Please note that due to an issue with DJI's SDK, you might need to connect to the DJI-RTK-2 Base Station twice to be able to create a successful connection. We aim to improve this experience in our upcoming releases!


And that’s it for this release! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our enterprise solutions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

- Team at Hammer Missions


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