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Drone Magnetic Surveying Software

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Plan with Flight Lines & Tie Lines

Unlike mapping missions with camera overlap, Hammer’s purpose built magnetic mission allows you to plan your flight using flight lines and tie lines for your target area.

Use Terrain Follow 
in hilly targets

We understand the importance of terrain awareness in magnetic mapping missions. This is why we have directly built in terrain awareness to our magnetic missions. You can download NASA SRTM data or even upload your own DEM data for high resolution terrain follow!

Terrain 8.PNG
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Fly Smooth Corners to avoid Pendulum Swing

Flying with a suspended magnetometer? Our magnetic mapping’s smooth corners feature allows you to make your drone turn smoothly across corners, thereby reducing pendulum effect and improving the overall stability of the flight.

Hear It from Our Customers

"Hammer com­bines all oth­er flight plan­ners into one, cov­er­ing all pos­sible mis­sion types. No need to use mul­tiple flight plan­ners any­more; Ham­mer does it all!"

Eagle Drone, NL

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