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1. Plan Your Flight in Hammer Hub

Hammer Hub allows you to plan a mission and create an automated flight plan for the drone to follow. Choose from over 15+ flight plans and put yourself in the best position to capture high quality drone data. 

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2. Automate and Capture Drone Data in Hammer App

With Hammer Missions, you can automate every aspect of your flight, including the drone and camera settings. 

Select from over 15+ mission types & flight plans. 
You can also change the flight settings, add multiple missions, obstacles and simulate missions.

3. Upload and Analyze your Drone Data in Hammer Hub

Capturing good quality data is hard but only half the job. Drone-powered inspections also require a thorough analysis of the captured data for defects and anomalies. With Hammer Hub, you can upload, analyze & annotate the captured drone data, all in 3D! 

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4. Share Links and Reports straight from Hammer Hub

With Hammer Missions you can share the annotated data with other stakeholders in your organisation.

Shared data views can be extremely helpful in understanding the condition of an asset  collaboratively without having to send data back and forth. 

Hear It from Our Customers

"Hammer com­bines all oth­er flight plan­ners into one, cov­er­ing all pos­sible mis­sion types. No need to use mul­tiple flight plan­ners any­more; Ham­mer does it all!"

Eagle Drone, NL

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