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Complete Guide to Structural Inspections Using Drones

Are you looking to incorporate drones into your building inspection workflow but not sure where to start?

Download your copy of our Complete Guide to Structural Inspections Using Drones.

With real-world examples and a step-by-step guide to conducting successful building inspections, our eBook can help you get your drone operations off the ground.

Learn more about:

✅ Façade Inspections

✅ Roof Inspections

✅ Thermal Building Surveys

✅ Regulatory Compliance for Drones

✅ Drone Data Analysis & Reporting

✅ Using AI for Building Inspections

✅ Future Trends for Drone Structural Inspections


Drone façade inspections are changing the way modern cities manage, monitor and maintain their structural assets. Drones make building surveys faster, safer and easier to repeat. With tools such as AI coming into play, drones are also making it possible to detect change, allowing for preventative maintenance to be carried out before an incident happens.

Download our guide to find out more about how drones can help you conduct safer, faster and cheaper structural inspections:


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