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Green Energy Turbines


Inspect Solar Parks 

Inspecting a solar farm? Hammer's solar mission makes it super easy for you to align your flight lines with the solar rows, create thermal maps and more. 

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Safe & Repeatable 
Wind Turbine Inspections

Inspecting wind turbines with drones requires carefully thought out, well-oiled workflows. At Hammer Missions, we have developed an end-to-end solution to automatically capture and inspect wind turbines using drones at scale. 

Create Visual and Thermal Maps 

Hammer Missions allows you to process thermal data into a 2D Map and a 3D Model and contrast this with the visual data for further analysis. 

Solar Inspection Thermal Processing.png
wind turbine small.png

Inspect & Report 
on Assets

Capturing good quality data is hard but only half the job.With Hammer Hub, you can upload, process, annotate and share the drone data with all stakeholders, all in 3D! 

Hear It from Our Customers

"Hammer com­bines all oth­er flight plan­ners into one, cov­er­ing all pos­sible mis­sion types. No need to use mul­tiple flight plan­ners any­more; Ham­mer does it all!"

Eagle Drone, NL

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