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Getting Started with Hammer Missions

Updated: Sep 2, 2022


Hammer Missions helps you capture and analyze high-quality drone data for a wide range of missions, improving data quality across missions and reducing costs.

Whatever your use-case, Hammer Missions can adapt to it.

Getting Started

To get started with your 14-Day trial, please follow the steps below:

1. Create Account On a Desktop computer, visit Hammer Hub to create a new account.

Hammer Hub — Create a free trial account
Hammer Hub — Create a free trial account

Note: Account creation might involve email verification.

2. Login & Plan a mission in Hammer Hub

Once you have successfully created your account, login to Hammer Hub and create your first mission. Mission specific guides are available here.

Creating a mission in Hammer Hub
Creating a mission in Hammer Hub

3. Edit & Simulate Mission

Once you’ve selected and created a mission, feel free to change the mission settings, add multiple missions, obstacles and finally simulate the mission.

4. Download Hammer App

With us so far?

It’s time to download the Hammer App from the Google Play Store or iOS AppStore

Once downloaded, tap the settings gear in the bottom right corner:

Open the App > Settings > Scroll to Account Settings > Tap Login

Login to the Hammer App
Login to the Hammer App

5. Login to the Hammer App

Tap login and use the same username and password from Hammer Hub to login to the App.

6. Sync missions from the Hub

Once logged in, you can sync missions from the Hub by simply pressing the missions folder and tapping the cloud download icon.

Sync mission to Hammer App
Sync mission to Hammer App

7. Edit, simulate and fly mission

Feel free to edit the mission on your mobile device. You can also change all the parameters of the mission on the device itself, and re-simulate the mission.

8. Fly Mission

Once you’re happy with the mission setup and have simulated it, please connect your DJI drone and press play to fly the mission.

Fly the mission with Hammer App
Fly the mission with Hammer App

9. Battery Swaps

For more information on how to handle battery swaps, please visit battery swaps in Hammer.

10. Upload, Process & Annotate the Data in Hammer Hub

Data collected by the drone using Hammer will be stored on the drone's SD card. You can insert the SD card into a desktop computer and upload the data to Hammer Hub for processing, annotation and analysis.

Upload, Process & Annotate in Hammer Hub
Upload, Process & Annotate in Hammer Hub

Updates & Tutorials

We release regular updates to the Hammer Hub and the Hammer App every month.

To watch our video tutorials, please visit our YouTube channel and mission guides and feature guides.


And that’s it, 10 easy steps to get started with Hammer. For more information, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to assist you. Happy flying!

— Team at Hammer Missions

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