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What's New in Hammer Missions | Dec 2023 Product Update

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Hammer Hub 🖥

1. 4D Compare Mode: Locked Views 🔒

Introducing Locked Views in our 4D Models. Now lock 2 models in our side-by-side compare mode and move them together to compare and contrast 2 different captures of the same site.

This mode is also helpful for visual + thermal surveys where you wish to analyse both side by side and move both models together. Available on our Cruise & Enterprise plans.

2. 4D Timeline: Slide between Before & After ⌛

Looking to understand the before and after for a site? Now use our 4D timeline mode to slide between the before and after of your 3D models! The future of change analysis is here!

Available on our Cruise & Enterprise plans.

3. Faster Uploads: Now on by Default ⚡

We introduced faster data uploads into select accounts a few weeks ago. This option is now available on all accounts and automatically turned on.

4. Pano Missions now visualised as layers 💠

We've added the ability for you to visualise Pano Missions as mission layers.

5. Introducing 'Hamlet': Our AI agent for drone data! ✨

Ever wondered the possibilities of speaking to your drone data? You can find out now by leveraging our all new AI agent - Hamlet! ✨

This capability is currently only available on our Enterprise plan. Please contact us at to learn more.

6. 2D/3D Measurements Sync

We've added the ability for you to sync your 2D and 3D measurements in stockpile projects. So if you create a measurement in the 2D view, it will automatically be available in the 3D view. Learn more in our video below.

1. Pano Missions

Our Android app has caught up with our iOS app in almost all functionality and we're thrilled to share that it now also supports Pano Missions!

To learn more on how to install our DJI smart controller app, please visit:

2. M300 Improvements

We've made a number of stability improvements to our Android app for the M300 platform.

3. DJI M350 Support (Early Access)

Our Android app now supports the M350 Drone in early access mode! Get in touch with us to use this app or download directly from

4. [Coming Soon] Waypoint Missions

Looking to fly complex 3D flights for videography and complex structure mapping? Our advanced waypoint mission mode is what you need! Available on our iOS app already and coming very shortly to our Android app.


And that’s it for this release! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our enterprise solutions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

- Team at Hammer Missions


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