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What's New in Hammer Missions | Nov 2023 Product Update

Hammer Hub 🖥

1. GCPs Marking Support 🏁

Now create more accurate maps and models by using GCPs! (Ground Control Points!). Simply upload and mark a CSV with your GCP information and Hammer Hub will do the rest.

✅ Upload CSV with GCP information

✅ Mark pixel coordinates

✅ Process 2D Maps and 3D Models

2. Faster Upload Speeds ⚡

We have now enabled faster upload speeds for all accounts. Simply choose the 'Use faster upload' option while uploading your project.

3. Upload and Process Bigger Projects

We have increased the default project sizes to support P1 (45MP) and M30T (48 MP) cameras, so if you're looking to process large datasets, we've got you covered!

4. New Project Types

We've introduced 2 new project types: 'construction site' and 'stockpiles'. These types will automatically re-configure the projects for the best visualisation experience with our upcoming updates.

3. AI Powered Comments! 🤖

Tired of writing long reports, comments and paragraphs? Now use our friendly AI assistant to help you with writing 2D / 3D comments.

This AI feature is only available for select customers at this point. Leave us a note at if you wish to try this feature out.

1. Orbit Mission

Introducing Orbit missions on our Android app. Now sync orbit from missions from the hub and the app and configure additional settings such as images vs video capture. Choose between circle and square orbit modes.

2. Go Home Option

Now choose whether you would like your drone to automatically return home after completing the mission.

Note: If the drone is less than 30m from the home point, this can result in the drone automatically landing. So we recommend using this option only if the drone is far from the home point.

3. [Coming Soon] Waypoint and Pano Missions

Following on from our Orbit mission, we expect to support waypoint and pano missions on our Android app just like our iOS app before the end of November 2023. Stay tuned to learn more!

4. [Coming Soon] Support for DJI M350 Drone

DJI M350 (credit dji enterprise)
DJI M350 (credit dji enterprise)

Our team is busy working with the new DJI M350 drone and we expect to integrate this drone and smart controller into our data capture workflows before the end of the year.

To learn more about the M350 drone vs M300 drone, please visit M300 vs M350: What's the difference?


And that’s it for this release! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our enterprise solutions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

- Team at Hammer Missions


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