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Benefits of Using the DJI P1 Camera

Updated: Jul 7, 2023


DJI are renowned for not only producing some of the best drones on the market but also for the cameras that work alongside those drones.

With the likes of the Mavic 3 and the M30T using optics from Hasselblad, which DJI has partnered with, catering for the fixed cameras DJI needed an interchangeable payload for their M300 series.

This is where the DJI P1 comes into its own!

The DJI P1 Camera

The DJI P1 is the interchangeable camera for the M300 platform, we will look at the specifications and the benefits of the P1 and why you should be using it in your operations.

DJi P1 Camera


Below we will look at some of the relevant specifications behind the DJI P1


  • Sensor size (Still): 35.9×24 mm (Full-frame)

  • Effective Pixels: 45MP

Supported Lenses

  • DJI DL 24mm, FOV 84°

  • DJI DL 35mm, FOV 63.5°

  • DJI DL 50mm, FOV 46.8°

Shutter Speed

  • Mechanical Shutter Speed: 1/2000*-1 s

  • Electronic Shutter Speed: 1/8000-1 s

  • *Aperture value no larger than f/5.6

Aperture Range

  • f/2.8-f/16

ISO Range

  • Photo: 100-25600


1. Large Sensor Size and High Megapixel Count

There are a vast number of benefits to using the DJI P1 for data collection. The P1 has a large sensor size (35.9x24mm) and a high megapixel count 45 Megapixels meaning the camera can capture objects in greater detail from a further distance.

💡 The long focal length and high megapixel count mean that you can be at a greater distance from the target and still achieve very good results.

This is useful for when the subject you are shooting is hard to get close to or there are hazards that may cause damage to the aircraft.

Safer & More Efficient Flight with the DJI P1
Safer & More Efficient Flight with the DJI P1

For more information on why capturing data with a high-quality camera is important please see our post:

2. Compatibility with the DJI M300 Drone

DJI M350
DJI M350 Drone

The DJI P1 is designed to work with the DJI M300 and the new updated M350 range of drones, allowing it to benefit from the drone's 40+ min flight time and endurance in harsh weather conditions, swappable batteries and more.

Example Datasets courtesy of

Here at Hammer Missions, we have fully integrated the DJI P1 with our enterprise ready software platform.

DJI P1 dataset in Hammer Missions
DJI P1 dataset in Hammer Missions

DJI P1 Camera Example Image
DJI P1 Camera Example Image

As you can see from the example video below, the quality of the output from the DJI P1 camera is very high. When you couple that with Hammer Missions 3D models you get a very high-quality result.

DJI P1 3D Model | Hammer Missions
3D Model created in Hammer Missions, using DJI P1

Links to Examples

Curious to see for your own? Check out the links below:


In this post, we looked at the DJI P1, its specification and what benefits it can bring to your drone operations.

If you'd like to learn more about how to capture high-quality data and get the most out of your drone flights using our cloud-based platform, please feel free to visit our learning resources.

If you haven't got a Hammer account and would like to try Hammer Missions you can get started on our free trial.

To learn more about our enterprise solutions, including mission collaboration, data processing, and AI solutions, please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you. — Team at Hammer Missions


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