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Collecting High Quality Data Safely and Efficiently with the DJI M300

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Collecting High Quality Data at a Safe Distance with the DJI M300

When DJI released the Matrice 300 in 2020 they re-invented the specialist drone market and the M300 became the go-to platform for the inspection and mapping sector.

The M300 is the successor to the very popular M210. Where the M300 improves on the M210 includes increased flight time, greater payload options, full obstacle sensing and positioning and an IP rating of 45, giving it greater protection from the elements.

All of this adds to why the M300 is such a great platform for the inspection industry but foremost is the huge range of sensors that it can carry and how this can be very advantageous to capturing data safely.

So how do we increase safety during an inspection or mapping mission?

DJI M300 Payloads

With the advancement in digital camera technology we can now integrate very high end cameras onto aerial platforms to produce some very detailed inspection and mapping data.

These cameras have a very high megapixel count and range anywhere between 45 and 100 megapixels and are able to produce a very high standard of image.

Another advantage of these cameras having such a high megapixel count is that even at a distance from the desired target the data produced is still of a very high quality.

Collecting data further away from the target increases the safety aspect of the inspection but keeps the image image quality at a high standard.

Shooting at a distance with a larger sensor can also improve productivity. The larger sensor will collect more data at a further distance than your standard sized smaller sensor, therefore shortening the period of time that your platform needs to be airborne.

Coupled with Hammer Missions planning software your guaranteed to collect high quality data.

So let's talk cameras...

PhaseOne P3 / iXM

An innovation in camera technology produced by the team at PhaseOne the P3 alongside its integrated iXM camera is capable of producing images ranging from 50 Megapixel right up to 100 Megapixel dependant on which version you opt for.

The P3 is equipped with a medium format Phase One iXM camera and a sensor that is 1.7 times larger than other cameras, it captures more details in each frame. In addition, iXM cameras boast the highest dynamic range and have a variety of RSM lens options ranging from 35mm to 150mm.

Text courtesy of PhaseOne

Having the ability to utilize a range of lenses, especially the 150mm lens, gives you the option to shoot from further away but keep the quality of data that is expected from today's inspections, adding that extra level of safety.

The video below from PhaseOne gives a great insight into how the M300 coupled with the P3/iXM performs in the field.

Video courtesy of PhaseOne

DJI Zenmuse P1

DJI have been a market leader in the drone industry since its inception, creating not only some of the best drones in the industry but integrating those drones with some very capable high end cameras.

DJI's Zenmuse P1 was introduced as the new benchmark for aerial surveying with a full frame sensor and interchangeable fixed focus lenses on a 3 axis gimbal. The P1 was designed for use especially with the M300 in mind.

As with the PhaseOne iXM it boasts a high megapixel sensor capable of 45 megapixels, paired with the interchangeable 24mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses.

With the combination of interchangeable lenses, a sensor producing 45 megapixels and Hammer Missions for planning, obtaining high quality data at a safe distance becomes a simplified operation.

Combining a High Megapixel Sensor with Hammer Missions Planning Software gives you the ability to Collect High Quality data at a Safe Distance


So to summarise, these cameras coupled with the DJI M300 and Hammer Missions, helps achieve a setup which strikes the right balance between safety and data quality.

Safety in the Drone Industry is paramount and by using a sensor with a large focal length and high megapixel rate you can mitigate risk by collecting data from a safe distance.

The DJI M300 is the go to platform for data collection in the inspection industry, for further posts from Hammer Missions relating to the DJI M300 please see the following posts...


If you'd like to learn more about how to produce high quality data and the get the most out of your drone missions, please feel free to visit our learning resources.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

- The Hammer Team

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