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Map, Measure & Inspect Reality

Make better decisions using our flight planning and drone 4D mapping software. Capture, Analyze and Act on site data for mapping, inspection and more, all powered by drones, AI & digital twins. 

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What is Hammer Missions? 💡

Hammer Missions is cloud-based software platform that helps your teams create 2D maps, 3D models and reports of your sites & assets using drone images, improving decisions across projects.

Automate Drone
Flight Plans


Create automated flight plans adapted to your target site or asset. Pick from over 15+ different flight plans to match your workflows! 

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Digitize Reality  copy.png

With Hammer Hub, you can upload, process and share the mapping data with all key stakeholders, all in 3D! 

Create 3D Models & Digital Twins

Measure Stockpile 
Volumes in 3D

Use our 3D measurements to understand quantities and dimensions of objects on site. 

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Secure Your 
Enterprise Data

We understand the importance of

standardization and data security in enterprise environments. Contact us below to learn more. 

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UK & US Hosting Options Available.

Track Site Progress
with Your Team

Nothing great is built alone. Use Hammer Missions' cloud infrastructure to power digital collaboration at your organisation. 

Team of Engineers

Capture & Inspect Facades in 3D 

Inspecting vertical assets requires careful flight planning and data analysis. Hammer Missions helps with end-to-end workflows.  

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Process Thermal
Maps for Solar Parks

Hammer Missions allow you to capture every solar row individually allowing for greater detail in your solar inspections. 

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Inspect Wind Turbines in 3D

Use our unique 3D inspection workflow to power your wind turbine inspections. 

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Inspect Cell Towers
Digitally in 3D

Gone are the days of climbing. Now fly a drone and create a 3D model of your cell tower, ready to inspect digitally. 


Why choose Hammer Missions?

Hammer Missions combines simplicity with versatility. Your drone software should be simple enough to achieve end-to-end workflows and versatile enough to support many use-cases. 

Whether it's complex asset inspections or weekly site mapping, one central platform to do it all 🚀

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Trusted By

Hear It from Our Customers

"The different mission types enable inspections to be automated, saving us time on site and improving the quality of data collection. Besides, the support received from Hammer Missions is fantastic!"

Drone Works

Specialized Solutions

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3D Site Mapping

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Magnetic Mapping


Roof & Facade Inspections


Solar Inspections

Cell Tower Inspection

Cell Tower Inspections

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Wind Turbine Inspections


Powering Drone Data 
in 140+ Countries Globally

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