Work with versatile and high-quality drone data using our flight planning and data analysis software as you scale your drone operations. 


Versatile & Quality Drone Data through a single platform. 

Hammer Missions helps you capture and analyze drone data for a wide range of missions, improving data quality across missions and reducing costs.

Automate Complex
Drone Flight Planning 


Create automated flight plans adapted to your specific use-case. Pick from over 15+ different flight plans to standardize your workflows! 

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Capturing good quality data is hard but only half the job. With Hammer, you can upload, annotate and share the mapping data with all stakeholders, all in 3D! 

Process 3D Models & Digital Twins

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Automate Your
Flight Logs

Flight logs from all your flights, automatically uploaded and digitally maintained. Now make your operations efficient and compliant. 


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Inspecting vertical assets requires careful flight planning and data analysis. Hammer Missions has been designed end-to-end to help you with your 3D surveyinspection workflows.  

Inspect Vertical Assets in 3D - Towers, Facades, Turbines, Pylons and More

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Elevate Your
Magnetic Surveys

Flight Lines, Tie Lines, Smooth Corners, Reduced Pendulum Swing. We've got it all. Now start collecting high-quality geophysical data. 

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We understand the importance of

team productivity and data centralisation in enterprise environments.

Contact us below to learn more. 

Use our Cloud to power your Enterprise Workflows

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Supported Drones and Devices

Hammer currently supports most DJI drones & cameras.

Don't worry, other drones are on the roadmap! 

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Hear It from Our Customers

"Hammer com­bines all oth­er flight plan­ners into one, cov­er­ing all pos­sible mis­sion types. No need to use mul­tiple flight plan­ners any­more; Ham­mer does it all!"

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How we streamline your workflows

Plan Your Drone Flights

Capture Quality Data

Annotate the Data

Share and Work on the Data

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Powering Drone Data 
in 140+ Countries Globally