with Mission-Centric Flight Planning 


Hammer provides Mission-Centric Automation for Drones.

Our platform helps professionals and enterprises take their drone operations to the next level by automating their specific drone flight (mission).

Flight Automation Tailored to your Drone's Use-case.

With our adaptive platform on desktop & mobile, say goodbye to learning generic tools.


Pick from 15+ 

mission types 


Hammer's modular structure allows you to choose the mission type that best fits your use-case. Cannot find a mission you're looking for? Speak to us and we'll explore a custom mission for you. 

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Automate Magnetic Surveys

Undertaking a magnetic survey? Hammer includes dedicated magnetic missions that fly the survey with desired flight lines and tie lines, and ensure the flight is extremely smooth to prevent pendulum swing in suspended magnetometers.

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Automate Vertical Flights

Whether you are looking for infrastructure defects or potential water leaks, simply mark your roof, tower or facade using Hammer and it will take care of the rest - flying the drone and capturing high quality data. 


Capture Maps & 3D Models


Popular missions such as 2D mapping or 3D modelling are available in Hammer with powerful options. Simply adjust the flight altitude and overlap and you're good to go. 

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Avoid Obstacles & No-Fly Zones

Hammer allows you to simulate and fly multiple missions in the same flight - by linking missions together and avoiding obstacles in between them.  

Use Terrain Awareness

Perform highly safe and accurate surveys by maintaining a constant distance to the ground by using in-built datasets or uploading your own Digital Surface Models.


Plan & Manage on Desktop


Hammer allows you to plan and manage your operations in a desktop environment. Use our automatic flight logging and project management features to ensure the success of your operative teams.   

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