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What's New in Hammer Missions - July 2022 Update

Hammer Hub 🖥️

1. 3D MODELS - Now available on our Cruise plans! (monthly & annual)

Our 3D Mapping workflows are now available under our Cruise plan! Process up to 3 models a month on our monthly plan or 36 models a year on our annual plan. Get in touch with us if you'd like to process more.

Note: Ultra high-quality models coming out in the next 2 weeks!

💡 Tutorial: Here's how you can upload, process and share 3D Models straight from Hammer Hub.

(free for 6 months - get in touch to learn more)

1. Mission Sync

Now seamlessly download and upload mission files from Hammer Hub to our Android app.

2. Mission Estimates

Our Android app now provides mission estimates - flight time, distance, number of batteries & the number of pictures, for improved overall mission planning.

3. Support for DJI M300

Thrilled to share that we now support the DJI M300 with our Android app! Currently an external tablet needs to be connected to the M300 controller but native Smart Enterprise Controller support is on our 3-month roadmap.

DJI M300 drone
DJI M300 drone - now supported on Android
💡 Tutorial: Here's how you can connect the DJI M300 drone to Hammer on Android.

5. New Mission Types on Android app

This mission allows you to align the drone with solar panels when flying low.

This mission allows you to set flight lines and tie line spacings for magnetometer-mounted drone surveys.

Other Improvements

  • GSD Calculator

  • Camera Type Setting

  • Flight Speed Setting

  • Improved Login

  • Support for Dark Mode

  • Improved Settings Input

1. PhaseOne Integration (out soon)

We are currently working on an integration with the PhaseOne P3 iXM cameras. These cameras offer a 100MP lens and can used for versatile mapping and inspection tasks.

💡 Learn more from our video on this topic.


And that’s it for this release! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our enterprise solutions, please do reach out to us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

- Team at Hammer Missions


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