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How to Update DJI M300 Firmware?


Updating the firmware on any DJI drone may seem like a daunting task, but it's actually very easy.

Firmware updates bring stability and feature upgrades to your unit and are highly recommended.

In this post, we will be looking at the methods you can use to update the firmware on your aircraft to bring it up to date.


For a step-by-step visual guide on how to update the M300 Firmware, here's a video:

DJI M300 Firmware Update

As stated above, there are several methods for updating your firmware:

Method #1: From your Smart Controller

Update directly from your smart controller. If your smart controller is connected to the internet it will inform you that there are updates available for the aircraft from the main screen.

This method enables you to update the aircraft directly and usually requires the battery to be at at least 50% on both the drone and the controller for the update to complete.

The update will run seamlessly and inform you once the firmware has been installed.

Method #2: By Using DJI Assistant 2 Enterprise

This method is a little more complicated and requires additional software and a USB-C cable.

The additional software required for this method is DJI Assistant 2 Enterprise can be found at the link below:

1: Locate the USB-C port on the top of the M300 and plug your cable in (highlighted below in red)

M300 USB Port

2: Now plug the USB cable into an available port on your computer

3: Load up DJI Assistant 2 Enterprise on your computer

4: Power on your unit

5: You should now see Matrice 300 RTK on the home page of DJI Assistant 2 Enterprise, go ahead and select it.

6: You should now see the menu page with the firmware as the first option

DJI M300 Firmware Update

7: From here with the aircraft connected you will be able to upgrade and downgrade your firmware by simply selecting the version you require.

Method #3: Offline Update

The third method is an offline method where you download the firmware direct from DJI. For this, you will need a micro SD card and a smart controller.

Visit DJI to get the latest firmware for your M300, once you have downloaded it you will need to put the firmware onto the SD card and place it in your smart controller.

1: Load up the smart controller and select Pilot 2 from the main screen

2: With Pilot 2 open select the tab in the top right corner (labelled here as caution)

3: Now select Firmware on the righthand side of the screen (highlighted in red below)

DJI M300 Firmware Update

4: On the following page select Offline Update in the top right corner

5: From here you can update both your M300 and your smart controller using the latest firmware that you downloaded from DJI. If there was a camera attached you would also be able to update the firmware for that too.

By pressing select firmware version you will be able to browse the smart controller for the files that you have downloaded from DJI.


We hope this post was useful and gives you an insight into how to update the firmware on your DJI M300.

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