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Business Development at Hammer Missions

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

📋 Job brief

  1. Are you passionate about drone technology looking to scale its impact on the future?

  2. Do you enjoy executing on sales and marketing campaigns?

  3. Is a dynamic fast moving startup where you see yourself doing your best work?

If your answer is yes to all of the above, then we need to hear from you!

Who do we do?

At Hammer Missions, we provide an end-to-end software platform for commercial drone professionals to collect and analyze high-quality drone data for aerial mapping & inspection. Our long-term vision to power the future of diverse aerial work.

We're currently looking for a hands-on business developer who can take charge of executing our overall commercial strategy. You will be working very closely with our founder and drone operations manager in this role and will be leading commercial activities from beginning to completion.

This is an opportunity to be a part of the founding team, lead commercial campaigns and play a significant role in shaping the future of aerial robotics and geospatial data.

💪 Responsibilities (What You'll be Doing)

  • Act as the main strategist behind structured enterprise sales campaigns.

  • Develop strategies to drive enterprise leads and traffic to our software platform.

  • Book demo calls with prospective customers and own the entire customer journey.

  • Analyse and measure the effectiveness of customer acquisition channels.

  • Strike partnerships with complementary solution providers in the drone industry.

  • Develop sales & business development collateral, working with our graphic designer and other stakeholders in the team as and when required.

  • Track and optimising SaaS metrics - CAC, CLV, ACV, churn.

  • Undertake customer feedback and market research.

  • Monitor, invest and optimise company’s sales budget.

✨ Qualifications (What We're Looking For)


  • Strong understanding of the commercial drone market.

  • 3-5 years of sales or business development experience (ideally in B2B Drones).

  • Experienced in B2B sales, channel discovery and optimisation.

  • An understanding of SaaS metrics and growth optimisation.

  • Comfortable with a variety of web analytics tools - wix, google analytics, hubspot or similar (not afraid of learning new tools!)

  • Great copywriting and communication skills.

  • Strong analytical and creative problem solving skills.

Plus (Nice to Haves)

  • A degree in sales, business development, marketing or a related field.

  • Experience allocating sales & marketing budgets.

📍 Location

We're based in West London, UK.

🚗 Travel & Remote Working.

4 days remote, 1 day in the office.

🎁 Perks

  • Competitive Salary

  • Company Equity Options

  • 28 Holidays - swap out your bank holidays for other days!

  • Hybrid (office and remote) working model

  • Flexible working hours

  • Company laptops, screens, headphones - anything you might need to be productive.

  • Your own DJI tello drone!

  • Buy any growth related book on us.

  • Monthly team lunches and activities

💡 About Us (Who are we?)

At Hammer Missions, our goal is to power the future of aerial work. As humans, what differentiates us is our ability to make useful tools that make our lives better - hammer stones were some of the earliest tools we built.

A drone is like a hammer stone but for the 21st century.

With that as our north star, our current software products Hammer App and Hammer Hub help drone professionals and Enterprise drone programmes collect quick and precise inspection data for a number of different infrastructure assets: roofs, facades, powerlines, towers, solar panels, wind turbines and more.

Having deployed our software globally, we're quickly moving into a number of different drone verticals. If you'd like to join a fast-growing team and shape the future of aerial data and mobile robotics, please get in touch with us below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

🚀 Our Culture

  • We take care of our people above everything else.

  • We take extreme ownership of our work - celebrate successes & learn from failure.

  • We find the right balance between things (speed vs quality, personal goals vs company goals, building relationships vs disagreeing)

  • We prioritise consistency over extremes.

  • We voice things when they go wrong or when they are about to go wrong.

  • We take our time on irreversible decisions, move fast on reversible decisions.

  • We realise when things are not our core competency and actively seek advice.

  • When things go wrong, we analyze the leading events, not the person behind it.

  • When things go right, we analyze leading events, and reward the people behind it.

  • We build empathy for other people’s roles and responsibilities.

  • We go above and beyond in making users & customers happy.

  • We find creative solutions in limited resources - time, capital and people.

  • We see Hammer as an opportunity to leave our mark on the drone industry.

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