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9 Tips for Marketing your Drone Business

Updated: Feb 2

marketing tips for your drone business

Getting Your New Drone Business Off the Ground

New drone-related businesses are entering the market every day as the use of unmanned aircraft rises throughout the world. Since many are interested in becoming drone pilots and finding ways to advance the drone sector, competition is intense.

Drone pilots and companies alike must learn how to market themselves correctly in order to stay afloat. As our customer base continues to grow, we at Hammer Missions are committed to helping our customers grow their businesses!

Here are our best marketing tips for your drone business:

1. Identify your buyer persona

No matter what your business is, identifying a buyer persona is a critical part. However, if you are wondering what buyer persona is, let us describe it for you. A buyer persona is basically a fictional repetition of your potential client that helps you understand who you are marketing to so you create efficient and targeted marketing content that speaks volumes.

Identifying buyer persona is more important in the drone business as it’s a booming industry and is becoming even more competitive with every passing day. So in order to market your business correctly and guarantee success, you need to learn more about your target customer, their goals and challenges, and more importantly, what they search online about drones, and this is all done through creating a buyer persona.

2. Create a website to own your online presence

In this digital world, it is very important to have a strong online representation. A dedicated website or social media account that shows who you are, what service you offer, and how people can contact you, can contribute a lot to market your business and reach out to countless people without spending a penny.

Although some pilots believe that only social media channels such as FB, YouTube, or LinkedIn are enough for them to get the desired reach. However, no one can beat the effectiveness of having your own website as not only it gives you the leverage of having a channel you own but also plays an important role in enhancing credibility. Besides this, it can become a 24/7 salesperson that’ll set you free from spending time and money. Therefore, creating a strong online presence should be an essential part of your marketing plan.

3. Invest in ads.

You would have heard marketing requires effort, time, and money. Similarly, as you have just started a drone business or are thinking about starting one soon, it will take a while to get considerable results. Therefore, Google Ads or Facebook ads targeting buyers with great buying intent would be a perfect choice.

Drone Inspection ads

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As most people use google search to get the answer to whatever question pops up in their mind, Search engine optimization is the tool to help you appear at the top. Research suggests that the majority of the web traffic comes through organic search, and this makes optimizing your website for SEO even more vital.

With the help of white hat SEO, using the right techniques and strategies, you can introduce your drone business to the prospect with purchase intent, and it will help you close more sales. In addition to this, If a person searches for a query related to a drone and your website comes up, they’ll consider you a credible and trustworthy source, and chances are they may end up shopping from you. Therefore, we don’t think you would like to miss out on this opportunity for your business.

5. Email Marketing

Even in this modern world, Email marketing has its own weightage. So if you have built your email list right, you are one step closer to sealing the deal. As you have already gathered a great chunk of people, now segment them based on their interests and characteristics and then email them the right content at the right time, you can successfully turn them into a customer without any extra cost.

6. Google My Business

To give your drone business validity, bring credibility, and attract new clients, adding your business to google my business is of utmost importance. It’s a free tool that allows the owner to have a check on what viewers can see about their business. Besides this, the client can also rate and review the service on google publicly, which is another source of free marketing.

So make sure to add Google My Business listing into your arsenal as experts suggest that it is the most powerful strategy for a local business.

7. Social Media

You can get a lot of exposure, advertise your work, and create a community to interact with (customers and peers) with the help of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, which have very large reach and are pretty easy to use.

8. Encourage happy customers to share their experiences

Happy customers are the true advocates. When a satisfied customer talks about how impressive your company is, it brings credibility and may also influence someone’s purchasing decision. On social media, word of mouth is a huge factor and if someone raves about your drone company and their friend sees it, chances are they could also end up shopping with you as research suggests that around 71% of the social media users make the purchasing decision based on other recommendation or referral.

Therefore, encourage your clients to share their experience on social media, google, or yelp as it will be a great source of free advertisement.

9. Join Professional Forums

On google and other search engines, there are multiple forums (i.e Commercial Drone Pilots) that are dedicated to the drone industry. These forums have thousands of active members, so joining the relevant forum, adding your input, taking part in discussions, and advertising your brand will make it credible and show you are active.


We hope these nine drone business marketing ideas and tips help you grow business. This list is a useful guide, but don't limit yourself to these ideas. Keep in mind that your business is changing, growing, and evolving, and that your customers are, too.


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