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SEO Tips for Drone Operators

Updated: Feb 2

SEO Tips for Drone Operators

Whether you are a drone pilot or own a small drone business that provides drone survey/inspection services locally or nationally, maintaining a strong online presence is what you should focus on.

A strong online presence allows you to reach a wider audience, establish trust and relationships, and make your drone business far more discoverable to potential customers. It is the backbone of modern business, and without it, it is almost impossible to grow.

In spite of having a great website to showcase your services, no one will notice your business when your competitors appear at the top of the search results, and not you, if this is the case with your business website, don't worry! This is where SEO comes in.

What Is SEO?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the practice of increasing the traffic of your website by ranking the website higher on the Google Search Engine result page (SERP). As per the rule, the higher the ranking is, the more traffic the website will generate. Also, a higher spot in search engine ranking (when someone searches a keyword in your industry) signals that your site is a credible source. This, in return, with increasing your brand visibility and allow you to convert the more qualified prospect into paying customers.

Benefits of SEO for Drone Operators

  • Outrank competitor

  • Increase visibility

  • More lead

  • Increase revenue

What is the best way to utilize search engine optimization to its full capacity? To start, let's look at the basics of SEO.

Here are some SEO tips for drone operators that will give you a competitive edge.

On-site SEO

On-site or On-page SEO is the process of optimizing your website content to help Google crawler identify the mapping and structure of the website. If it is done according to the Google terms and conditions, it improves search visibility and brings quality traffic.

On-site SEO typically involves aligning specific elements, such as keywords, headings, tags, content, and Internal/external links. As the primary mission of Google is to help people find the answer to their query, make sure your website has got them covered, and to do this, use the keywords that are relevant and match the people’s searches.

Search high-quality relevant keywords

To search the right keywords, always get into the buyer's shoes, and think of the common phrases they are likely to search. If not, use any keyword research tool and find perfect keywords and build a list of 20 to 50 relevant, high-quality keywords that you can target. However, make sure to choose keywords that have high search volume and low competition as they are the ones that will help your website rank higher than the competitor.

high-quality relevant keywords

Link-Building for Drone Operators

Your site will rank higher on searches if there are many sites linking to it. Ask the owners of related sites to carry a link to your site. In exchange, offer to carry a link to their site.

Concentrate on the quality and relevancy of the links. A link pointing to your website from a relevant, authoritative site or a university site will help you more than a dozen links from obscure blogs.

Focus on quality content

The primary purpose of search engines is to answer people's questions, so you should create high-quality content articles, videos, and photos that provide valuable information to your readers.

Keep your content updated frequently so it remains relevant. A good content strategy will also position you as a leader in your field.

User-Friendly Website

Maintain an easy-to-navigate website. Make sure visitors understand who you are and what you're offering.

Put your keywords in the headings to improve readability. Headings stand out in search engine results and can help you rank higher.

Your site speed also plays an important role in SEO. The last thing you want is a sluggish site.

Measure Results

Free and low-cost tools such as Moz, HikeSEO, Ahrefs,, and Google Analytics will provide you with more information about your site's SEO performance and tell you more about your visitors - i.e how visitors found your site (search engine, referring website, etc. ), their location, and how long they stayed on each page.


It is likely that most of your users won't make it past the first page of the search results. A good position means appearing on the first two pages of search results. Past page three, almost nobody will see your page. So aim high!

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