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How to Verify Your Drone Data On-Site? | Hammer Missions


Undoubtedly drones have revolutionised the survey and inspection industry, saving time and costs when inspecting and surveying vital assets.

But what happens when once you have completed your mission and you return to the office, the following exercise is to view and collate that data but what if some of your data is missing or corrupt?

Well, the only option is to return to the field and collect that data again, right?

Not anymore, Hammer Missions now enables you to verify that data in the field before you leave the site and in this post we will show you how!

Verifying Your Drone Data

1: Once you have successfully completed your mission, land the drone and proceeded when it is safe to do so.

2: Now select the settings icon to bring up the settings, highlighted in red below, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window and select VERIFY MISSION

3: You will now see that the data is being downloaded from the drone directly to the smart controller or Android device

4: The data downloads along the lines of the completed mission, depending on how big your mission was will determine how long the data takes to download.

5: Once your data has been downloaded to the device you will see the individual tiles now have images from your captured data.

6: You are now able to verify your data by clicking on each individual tile, this will open up the image to full screen so that you can check it.

7: You can repeat this process for all of your captured data by clicking on each individual tile.


And that is how you verify data in the field, no need for a laptop, you can use your current smart controller or Android device!

We hope this post has helped explain how to verify your data in the field.

If you'd like to learn more about how to produce high-quality data and get the most out of your drone missions, please feel free to visit our learning resources

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- Team at Hammer Missions


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