Referring Pilots to Hammer Missions

Updated: 4 days ago

Looking to refer fellow pilots to Hammer Hub and earn credits for your referral?

No problem, we made this process super simple!

Here are the 3 steps on inviting your fellow pilots to the Hammer Missions platform.

Step 1. Login to Your Hammer Hub Account

Step 2. Tap on Refer and Save

You can find this option in the bottom left corner of the left pane as shown below.

3. Copy and Send Your Unique Link

Copy your unique referral link and send it over to your fellow pilots so that they can come on onboard.

As soon as your referred pilots start a paid plan, we'll add $20 credit to your next invoice.


We hope this post was helpful in learning how to refer Hammer Hub to your fellow pilots.

To learn more about our enterprise solutions and to refer enterprise customers, please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you. - The Hammer Team