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Accuracy of Measurements in Drone 3D Models | Hammer Missions

Updated: Feb 2

drone 3D model

Overview of Drone Derived 3D Models

In this post, we will be testing the accuracy of measurements of drone 3D Models created using Hammer Missions

For this study, we collected the data in the field and processed that data but we also took real-world measurements to understand the comparisons between our 3D Models and the physical world.

Below we will detail each object or structure measured and give both the software and the real-world measurements.

Measurement Area

The subject we used was a garden with various structures and objects in it so that we could gain an understanding of what measurements looked like when the garden had been 3D Modelled.

The garden is set up on five different levels varying in height and length as you can see from the video below.

3D Measurements | Drone 3D mapping | Hammer Missions
3D Measurements | Drone 3D mapping | Hammer Missions

Structures / Area Measurements

We took 11 real-world measurements around the garden.

Each structure or area will have its real-world measurement followed by the measurement calculated by Hammer Missions

Back of the House

Real-World Measurement: 12.7 Meters

Drone 3D Model Measurement: 11.43 Meters

Measurements Discrepancy 1- 2m

drone 3D model of house

Small Cabin

Real-World Measurements:

Length: 3.28 Meters

Depth: 2.96 Meters

3D Modelled Measurements:

Length: 3.38 Meters

Depth: 2.23 Meters

Measurements Discrepancy 0.10m and 0.73m

drone 3D model of cabin

We also calculated the volume of the small cabin using the volume tool:

Real-World Volume: 15.8 Meters Cubed

3D Modelled Volume: 16.04 Meters Cubed

Measurements Discrepancy 0.6m cubed.

drone 3D model measurements

Front Edge Of Pond

Real-World Measurements: 2.51 Meters

3D Modelled Measurements: 2.24 Meters

Measurements Discrepancy 0.27m

drone 3D model roof measurements

Shed Length

Real-World Measurements: 3.89 Meters

3D Modelled Measurements: 3.83 Meters

Measurements Discrepancy 0.06m

drone model


Real-World Measurements: 3.6 Meters

3D Modelled Measurements: 3.41 Meters

Measurements Discrepancy 0.19m

measuring with a drone

Deck Length

Real-World Measurements: 4.81 Meters

3D Modelled Measurements: 4.78 Meters

Measurements Discrepancy 0.03m

3D modelling

Large Cabin

Real-World Measurements:

Length: 5.2 Meters

Depth: 4.8 Meters (with overhang) and 3.7 Meters (no overhang)

3D Modelled Measurements:

Length: 5.26 Meters

Depth: 4.72 Meters (with overhang) 3.41 Meters (no overhang)

Measurements Discrepancy 0.06m, 0.08m and 0.29m

3d model

We also calculated the volume of the large cabin using the volume tool:

Real-World Volume: 37 Meters Cubed

3D Modelled Volume: 36.97 Meters Cubed

Measurements Discrepancy 0.03m cubed.

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As you can see from our real-world measurements compared to our 3D Modelled measurements the accuracy is under 1m in most instances.

It is important to note that 3D measurements are highly sensitive to the points input by the user and should only used as an estimate, as opposed to a survey grade measurement.

Having said the above, we are exploring a number of techniques to automatically generate these measurements and improve overall accuracy.

We hope this study has helped you understand the expected levels of accuracy with 3D measurements created in Hammer Missions

If you'd like to learn more about how to produce high-quality data and get the most out of your drone missions, please feel free to visit our learning resources

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We look forward to hearing from you.

- Team at Hammer Missions


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