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2D Drone Maps (Orthophotos) on Hammer Missions


Well with the latest update to Hammer Hub, we have introduced 2D map creation and in this short guide, we will take you through the steps to create those 2D Maps.


This guide assumes you are familiar with the collection of data using Hammer Missions, for further information on our mapping mission please see the following post:

Drone Roof Inspections & Mapping - An Exhaustive Guide

1: Open Hammer Hub and create a new project by selecting NEW PROJECT in the top right corner.

2: Once you have created your New Project enter the project details as shown below and then press CONTINUE

3: You will be presented with a screen where you can upload your images, you can either drag and drop those images or choose them from your file explorer.

4: Once you have selected your images, either by dragging and dropping or using your file explorer, you can press CONTINUE

In this example, we will only be using four images for our 2D Map creation.

5: You will now be presented with the summary screen, to continue press CREATE PROJECT

6: Your project will now be uploaded

7: Once your project is uploaded select OPEN PROJECT

8: With your project now open select PROCESS in the top right.

9: You will now see two options, 2D Map or 3D Model

Select 2D map and press PROCESS

10: Your 2D Map will now start processing.


Once the processing has finished you will be presented with a 2D Map overlay on top of the existing predefined map as shown below:


We hope this guide helps you understand how to create 2D Maps using Hammer Missions If you'd like to learn more about how to capture high-quality data and get the most out of your drone flights using our cloud-based platform, please feel free to visit our learning resources. If you haven't got a Hammer account and would like to try Hammer Missions you can get started on our free trial. To learn more about our enterprise solutions, including mission collaboration, data processing, and AI solutions, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you. — Team at Hammer Missions

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