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What's New in Hammer Missions - February 2022 Update

1. Improved Mission Files on iOS App

We've made it simpler and easier to find your mission files and folders on your iOS App. Now with a full screen view, you should be able to get your desired mission file quicker whether you are at the office or on site!

2. Improved KML Importing on iOS App

KML Imports have been extended to support an extended amount of KML formats. Now create your missions faster by directly importing the KMLs received from the mission stakeholders!

3. Improved Onboarding on Hammer Hub

We have improved our onboarding experience on Hammer Hub. Our plan is to use this onboarding to deliver custom personalised experiences with Hammer in the future.

4. New Pricing (Coming Soon)

As we announced earlier this year, we will be updating our pricing very soon. Would like to have your say? Let us know your thoughts over here.

5. Android App to Launch end of March 2022

We're working hard towards the first version of our Android app. This will unlock support for a larger variety of drones and support the much awaited Android platform! Help us out by letting us know which Android phones and tablets you typically use.


And that’s it for this release! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our enterprise solutions, please do reach out to us on

We look forward to hearing from you.

- The Hammer Team


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