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Manual Control in Hammer Missions


In every automated drone flight, there are scenarios where the pilot has to stop the automation and take manual control. This process warrants a split second response from both the pilot and the control software to ensure maximum safety.

In Hammer, taking manual control extremely straightforward.

Method #1 - In App Actions

The simplest way to stop your automated flight is to press the red pause button in Hammer's map screen. Then press Manual Control.

Method #2 - DJI Remote Controller

If your flight requires a swifter response, and your iPad is running low on battery, a simple way to stop any automated flight to toggle between the flight modes on the remote controller.

Flight Modes on a Phantom 4 Pro

This beauty of this method is that it works with all flight automation products - from DJI and third parties, and doesn't require you to take your hands of the remote.

Flight Modes on a DJI Mavic


We hope this post helps you take manual control in your flights when absolutely needed! If you’d like to learn more about other missions supported in Hammer, please visit our mission tutorials.

To learn more about our enterprise solutions, including mission collaboration, flight analytics and more please contact us at


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