Exporting Flight Logs using Hammer

Every professional drone pilot understands the importance of having good quality post-flight logs at their disposal at all times.

They serve not only as analytical data to understand the events that unfolded during flight, but also as historical record of flights in compliance with regulations and predictive maintenance of onboard components & batteries.

In Hammer, we make it extremely simple to extract and view flight logs from your device:

  1. After flying a mission with Hammer, tap on the Settings wrench in the bottom right corner of the map screen.

  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom to flight logs > tap Export. Your Flight logs will be zipped together into a folder called ‘HammerFlightLogs.zip’

  3. Send this folder to your computer using AirDrop / Email. On your computer, unzip the folder, and upload the .txt files to the flight logs viewer of your choice —for e.g. airdata.com or Phantom Log Viewer.

Flight logs Export using Hammer

And that’s it! 1 button press to extract your flight logs, as it should be.

If you currently do not have access to the iOS app or Hammer Hub, feel free to start your free-trial on hammermissions.com or download the app from the app store.

If you’d like to learn more about other missions supported in Hammer, please visit our mission guides.


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