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Hammer Missions v6.8.3 — What’s New!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

1. Mission Info and Tips on Hammer Hub

Now find mission info, tutorials and guides right within Hammer Hub!

Mission Info & Tutorials — right inside Hammer Hub!

2. New Missions on Hammer Hub

Just like the Hammer App, now find magnetic, linear, vertical mapping & inspection missions also on Hammer Hub!

New Missions now on Hammer Hub

3. Flight Logging Improvements

Flight Logs are now generated on every drone connection/disconnection. These logs will soon also contain updated information such as signal strength and RC GPS time.

Flight Logging in Hammer

4. Support for Matrice 300 RTK

Now use Hammer with DJI’s latest Matrice 300 RTK! Please note H20 and H20T cameras are not fully supported but will be supported by the end of the week.

Integrations with Matrice 300 RTK

5. Support for Dark Mode on iOS devices

Hammer is now compatible with Dark mode on iOS devices.

6. Two-Way Missions Sync

Now upload & sync your changes from directly from your mobile device to Hammer Hub.

Now upload or download mission changes from the Hub

7. Import KML files on Hammer Hub

Hammer Hub now supports importing KML files just like the Hammer App.

8. Mission Estimates

Now find better mission estimates on Hammer Hub that are consistent with estimates in the App.

9. Overall Improvements

  • Hammer now warns you if GPS satellites fall below 10 in total.

  • Warnings also added if RC connection is weaker than 50% in strength.

  • UI/UX and stability improvements.

We hope you enjoy our latest release and we look forward to your feedback! Please feel free to contact us through our website or using

Best, The Hammer Team


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