Supported Use-Cases


Roof Inspection

Inspecting roofs or solar farms? The Inspection mission type is perfect for roof and solar inspections.  

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3D Modelling

The Double-Mapping mission can be used to capture data for 3D models. It can also be combined with other missions. 


Tower Mapping

With this mission, you can circle around a tower and capture precise data for inspection and/or 3D model for towers.



Looking to capture a video and need more control? Use this mission type to freely define waypoints for your drone. 

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Wind Turbine Inspections

Looking to inspect wind turbine blades with visual or thermal camera mounted drones? Use our wind turbine mission to generate the mission plan for your workflows. 


Facade Inspection

We've designed this mission specifically to inspect facades, cliffs and any other vertical structure with rigid shape.



The Mapping mission type can be used for site surveys map making (orthomosaic creation)


Linear Inspection

Inspecting a pipeline, railroad or bridge? This mission fits the geometry of those structures perfectly. 



Capturing video of an interesting structure and would like to orbit it? Use this mission to get the perfect shot. 

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Solar Inspections

Inspecting a solar farm? Hammer's solar mission makes it super easy for you to align your flight lines with the solar rows. 

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Magnetic Mapping

This mission is specifically designed for long range Magnetic Surveys using a suspended magnetometer.  


Pano / 360 Bubble

Feeling creative? Generate 360 bubbles and panoramas as part of your drone videography. 

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Bridge Inspection

Looking to capture nadir and facades of a bridge? Combine our different mission modes to capture the best data possible.

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