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Bridge Inspections with Hammer Missions

Updated: Nov 4, 2022


Hammer Missions is a drone flight planning and 3D mapping software platform designed for the commercial drone industry. We support a large number of mission types on both mobile tablets through Hammer App and web-based environments through Hammer Hub.

Whether it's inspection, mapping or 3D models, Hammer Missions can adapt to it.


In this tutorial, we will focus on bridge inspections — using the different missions supported by Hammer:

  1. 3D modelling — this mission can be used to create a 3D model of the bridge.

  2. Linear Inspectionthis mission can be used to inspect linear structure along the bridge.

  3. Facade Inspectionthis mission can be used to inspect the facades of the bridge.


Here's how to setup bridge inspections in Hammer:

Bridge Inspection

Bridges come in different shapes and sizes. We recommend using Hammer's built in missions and combining them in the correct way to create a flight plan that works for your target bridge type.

1. 3D Modelling: This mission type allows you to capture to fly the drone over the bridge and capture images in a double-grid cross-hatch pattern. The parallax error in the captured images can then be put through a photogrammetry software of your choice to generate a 3D model. If you'd like to learn more about this specific mission type, please visit our dedicated guide on 3D modelling.

2. Linear Inspection: This mission type allows you to inspect any structure running along the geometry of the bridge. Since most bridges are linear in structure, this mission type ensures that you can easily follow that geometry. If you'd like to learn more about this specific mission type, please visit our dedicated guide on linear inspections.

3. Facade Inspection: This mission type allows you to inspect the facade / sides of the bridge by simply marking the structure's edges. If you'd like to learn more about this specific mission, please visit our dedicated guide on facade inspections.

We recommend selecting the mission type that fits the geometry of your bridge and your data capture goals. One of more missions in Hammer can also be linked together in the same flight should we wish to capture the bridge from all points of view.

You can select the mission type that best fits the geometry of the bridge and your data collection goals.

Steps to Simulate

  1. Once you are finished creating and configuring the mission, simply press play button in the right panel.

  2. If no drone is connected, Hammer will prompt you to add a simulator, press OK and choose a home location for the simulation. Then press OK.

  3. The simulation will begin and you’ll see a simulated drone appear on the screen flying the planned mission.

Steps to Fly

  1. Once you are happy with the created mission, simply connect your drone to Hammer through the USB port on the remote controller.

  2. You’ll see a drone icon appear on the screen at its current location.

  3. Press Play to start the mission.

  4. Press Pause anytime to pause the mission, and play to resume the mission.


And…that’s it! Now you know how to create, simulate and fly your own bridge inspection mission in Hammer. If you currently do not have access to the iOS app, feel free to contact us through or download the app through the app store.

If you’d like to learn more about other missions supported in Hammer, please visit our mission tutorials.

Enterprise Solutions

To learn more about our enterprise solutions, including mission collaboration, flight analytics and more please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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