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Discover The Future of
Structural Inspections

Hammer Missions is an end-to-end photogrammetry solution for conducting structural inspections with drones.

  • Choose from 15+ Automated Flight Plans & Adapt to Your Target Structure

  • Create 3D Models From Your Building Inspection Data

  • Inspect, Tag & Annotate Your Images

  • Automatically Identify Structural Issues With AI

  • Create Shareable Reports Quickly

Drone Software & AI
for Structural Inspections

We're pushing the boundaries of what's possible with drone data to make structural inspections safer, faster and more accurate. Our customers use Hammer Missions to gain enhanced insights for:


🏢 Facade Inspections

🏫 Building Inspections

🏚️ Roof Inspections

🌉 Bridge Inspections

🌡️ Thermal Inspections

Why not book a demo for you and your team? We can take you through the features relevant to your specific needs and help get you set up with a free trial to upload your own data or experiment with sample projects.

Facade Inspections with Hammer Missions_edited.png

Download Our Structural Inspections eBook

With real-world examples and a step-by-step guide to conducting successful building inspections, our eBook can help you get your drone operations off the ground.

Learn more about:

✅ Façade Inspections

✅ Roof Inspections

✅ Thermal Building Surveys

✅ Regulatory Compliance for Drones

✅ Drone Data Analysis & Reporting

✅ Using AI for Building Inspections

✅ Future Trends for Drone Structural Inspections

Why Try Hammer Missions?

Our drone structural inspection software will revolutionize the way you conduct inspections and share your findings, offering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and usability.

Optimize Efficiency

Reduce inspection times by 70%* with our automated drone solutions. Our software streamlines data collection and analysis, allowing you to focus on what matters most – making informed decisions.

*Compared to manual structural inspections

Enhance Precision

Achieve detailed, high-resolution results with our advanced imaging and data processing software. Detect even the smallest anomalies with more accuracy. Automatically spot structural issues with our Spector AI feature.

* Currently available to Enterprise users only

Easy Onboarding

Get to grips with the software quickly with our tutorial videos and workflow examples.


Migrate your existing drone data and integrate with other 3D modelling, mapping and BIM software.

Watch Our Drone Software in Action

Automate Your Drone Inspections

15+ Different Flight Plans
Create 2D & 3D Maps & Models
Track Site Changes
Capture & Analyze Thermal Data
Annotate & Share Your Drone Data
AI Powered Progress Monitoring

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