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Hammer Missions Launches New 3D Data Analysis Platform

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

London, UK, 30th July 2021

Hammer Missions has launched a new data analysis platform to complement their versatile mission planning & automation app for commercial UAVs.

Hammer Missions, a UK-based software provider for mission planning & commercial drone automation today announced the launch of 3D data analysis capabilities in Hammer Hub.

Their software solutions - Hammer Hub & Hammer App help commercial drone pilots to plan, automate and log their flights for a large variety of use-cases, all through a single software platform.

Hammer Hub & Hammer App

The new update extends Hammer Hub's capabilities to data annotation, analysis, sharing & reporting, both through 2D / 3D visualisation of the captured data. To ensure high data quality, commercial drone pilots can be capture the data using Hammer's flight automation App, and then upload the data to Hammer Hub for analysis and reporting.

“The new software update will help us to serve our customers with an end-to-end experience by powering high-quality data capture and analysis for a variety of drone missions.” says Varun Sarwal, CEO at Hammer Missions.

Missions supported by the Hammer Hub & Hammer App currently include:

  • Facade Mapping & Inspection

  • Pylon Inspections

  • Tower 3D Modelling

  • Roof Inspections

  • Linear Corridor Mapping

  • Magnetic Geophysical Surveys

  • Bridge Inspections

  • Wind Turbine Inspections

  • 2D / 3D Site Mapping

For a full list of missions, please visit

Hammer is currently compatible with DJI drones only but aims to support other drone manufacturers in the future.

3D Data Analysis capabilities in Hammer Hub will be available starting 30th July.

About Hammer Missions:

Hammer provides versatile Mission Planning & Data Analysis for Commercial Drones.

Their software helps drone businesses collect and analyse drone data for a large variety of use-cases in infrastructure surveys & inspections.

Since their inception, their software has supported thousands of drone pilots in successfully completing commercial drone flights for infrastructure survey and inspection.

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