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Television Tower

Drone Tower Inspection Software

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Fly-To-Mark Top and Bottom Altitudes

We understand how important precise mission setup is in vertical missions. With Hammer’s tower mapping mission, you can use the drone to mark the key GPS points of the tower and Hammer will automatically generate a flight path for you to capture the tower with the correct distance and overlap.

Fly using Up-Down
Circle Modes

Flying a tall tower? Fly up and down first to save battery! Conversely, if you are flying a short but wide tower, you can use our ‘Circles’ mode to circle around the tower and acquire images.

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Use Automatic Gimbal

One common issue in tower missions is adjusting the gimbal to look at the tower as the drone flies at different heights. With Hammer’s automatic gimbal option, the optimal gimbal pitch is automatically calculated for you based on the drone’s height and distance to the tower!

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Hear It from Our Customers

"Hammer com­bines all oth­er flight plan­ners into one, cov­er­ing all pos­sible mis­sion types. No need to use mul­tiple flight plan­ners any­more; Ham­mer does it all!"

Eagle Drone, NL

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