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  • What drones are supported by Hammer Missions?
    Hammer Missions supports most DJI drones. You can find a complete list over here:
  • What mobile and desktop devices can I use with Hammer Missions?
    Our web platform (Hammer Hub) can be accessed on any desktop computer via modern web browsers - Google Chrome, Safari & Edge. Our tablet app (Hammer App) is available on iOS and Android. Our Android app is currently an early release but quickly catching up with the iOS capabilities.
  • How is Hammer Missions different?
    Hammer Missions takes a task-centric approach to mission planning and 3D data processing. You pick the task (”missions”) and work with the relevant parameters to generate a flight plan, process and deliver the captured data. This allows you to use the same software for many different missions without learning new software all the time, building scalability and standardisation in your workflows.
  • What types of flight plans and data projects are supported by Hammer?
    Mapping & 3D models, Facades, Roof, Solar Farms, Towers, Pylons, Linear, Magnetic Mapping, Orbits, 360 Panos. You can find a full list of solutions over here.
  • Can I get started right away?
    Yes! You can get started right away by following this guide: Everyone starts off with a 14 day free trial where you can capture, process and share 2D/3D drone data!
  • Can I pay for Hammer on a monthly basis? Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes, you can choose from our monthly subscription plans to pay on a monthly basis. You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade at anytime all directly through our web platform Hammer Hub. No minimum contract periods. NB: Returning customers are only offered annual subscriptions with a 10-20% discount. A returning customer is defined as an account that previously unsubscribed and is now looking to re-subscribe.
  • Why do you charge subscription fees?
    We aim to deliver value to you every month by keeping our core software services running and shipping monthly updates. Since our inception, we haven’t missed a single month! Our goal is to be your partner in collecting and analyzing high-quality drone data.
  • Can the annotated data be shared with third parties without a Hammer account?
    Yes, you can share the annotated data with third parties (your customers or other project stakeholders). They do not need a Hammer account to view the data in 3D, however, if they wish to annotate the data, they require a Hammer account.
  • How long does the drone data persist in Hammer Hub?
    Drone data in Hammer Hub will persist as long as you are a paid subscription plan and may be deleted at any point should you choose to unsubscribe.
  • How can I book a demo?
    You can book a demo with us through this link:
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