When is the time to upgrade the firmware?

When is the time to upgrade the firmware?

Firmware, or in other words- the heart of your drone, is the software. It basically controls everything that your drone is doing- from flying to battery and functions. That’s why being with up-to-date firmware is essential for safe and reliable drone flights.

Today we are going to tell you more about the importance of the upgraded firmware, and we are also going to tell you when s the time to actually upgrade the firmware.

Why should I upgrade my firmware?

As we already mentioned, upgrading your firmware is essential for having a safe flight with your drone. Many people forget to apply the update often, and that’s why most of them have problems with operating their drones. Having the newest firmware means that your drone is up to date with all possible software updates that have been made.

If your drone is not updated, its safety systems are not working to their fullest. As drone pilots, we all know how important it is to have safety systems on since any kind of situation may happen and our drone should be prepared. Furthermore, updates often are fixing bugs in-flight stabilization and battery management.

There are some updates that upload restricted areas such as airports and no-fly zones, which makes your flight much safer than before. Having the newest firmware may prevent your drone from getting you into trouble.

You can look at updating the firmware by updating your mobile phone with the newest software- it will be working better, and there will be fewer bugs and new features which will make using your phone even better than before. The same is with the drones, but with one detail- your phone can not fall from the sky or fly into the forbidden zone- that’s why updating the firmware is very important.

When should I upgrade my firmware?

You should be checking for updates as often as possible. Most of the time you will know if an update is coming since the drone community will be talking about that. However, this does not mean that checking your firmware for updates often is not a good idea.

Some drone pilots check for updates every day since there are drones that can not fly well without having the newest firmware. This may sound bad, but it is actually a good idea since this prevents dangerous situations for your drone. Most of the drones will notify you via the control when there is an update, but every drone is different. That’s why we suggest you check for the latest firmware on the website of your manufacturer.

It is important to always select the correct model when updating the firmware! Selecting the wrong model may result in damaging your drone. If you are not sure which is the correct one, and how to update it, ask a professional, check a good website or watch some tutorials.

Now you know how important it is to upgrade the firmware of your drone if you want to have a safe and reliable flight. Don’t forget to check twice if you have chosen the right model! We wish you good luck!