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What's New in Hammer Missions | Nov 2022 Product Update

1. Introducing Mission Layers 🎉

The real world is complex. Sometimes you need to plan multiple missions on the same site that overlap with each other on the map. This could be multiple pano missions, multiple 3D mapping and lateral/facade capture missions that overlap with each other.

To make the planning easier, Hammer Hub now allows you to mark every folder with the option of 'mission layers'. All mission files created in the folder will display an outline of other mission files in the same folder, allowing you to plan multiple missions on the same site!

Curious to learn more about Mission Layers? Learn more in our guide.

Mission Layers in Hammer Missions
Mission Layers in Hammer Missions

2. Improved 3D Stockpile Calculations 🏔️

We've made it easier to measure bigger volumes of stockpiles on construction sites and perform volume calculations using drone-powered 3D models. Learn more below.

3. Higher Image Processing Limits ↕️

Enterprise customers can now process higher number of images per project and higher image sizes.

  • 10,000 images per project

  • up to 50MB per image

Note: Increased limits are only available to enterprise customers.

4. Support for Downloading 3D Models 🌐

Enterprise customers can now download 3D models in .obj formats by tapping a single button after processing. This model can then be integrated with third party systems for CAD overlays, consolidated site tracking and more.

Note: Model downloads only available to enterprise customers.

5. Flight Radius (500m) Tracking Tool

Now ensure all your flights are compliant with local flying regulations by starting your mission planning with a flight radius. Simply drop a circle and define a circle to ensure you are not flying beyond visual line of sight (VLOS) in large area missions!

500m radius tracking tool | Hammer Missions
500m radius tracking tool

6. Improved Automatic Report Creation 📖

Now use our improved automatic report creation. Newly created reports now include:

  • A cover image

  • Customizable company logo up to 100Kb

  • A paragraph of introductory text

  • Metadata on every annotated image (altitude, date taken, heading, position)

  • Improved Annotations

Improved PDF Reports | Hammer Missions
Improved PDF Report Creation

7. Upgrade from monthly to annual plans ⚡️

Been with us for a considerable period of time? Now upgrade from our Ascend or Cruise monthly to annual plans and get up to 2 months worth of Hammer Missions for free!

1. Export Flight Logs

Our Android app (v1.6.1) now supports exporting flight logs. These flight logs can be uploaded to AirData or DroneDesk for further book keeping. Our Android app will soon also automatically sync the flight logs with Hammer Hub.

2. Mapping Mission - Stop & Capture Mode

The Mapping Mission on our Android app now support stop & capture mode. This allows for more precise inspections where the goal is to capture crystal clear images with no motion blur so that stakeholders can zoom into high levels of detail in the post processing phase.

3. Multi-Delete Missions

Just like the iOS app, you can now delete any mission modules in a flight plan, by simply clicking on the wand icon and then tapping the bin to enable the deletion mode. In this mode, any mission module on the map can be deleted by simply tapping on it.

4. Custom Camera Parameters

Now set custom camera parameters in our Android app and have them persist in the app throughout your mission.

5. Fixes and Stability Improvements

We have made a number of fixes and stability improvements to continue supporting our Android app both on Android tablets as well as the DJI smart controller.


  • Support for DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise (M3E) and M30T drones


And that’s it for this release! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our enterprise solutions, please do reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

- Team at Hammer Missions

If you haven't already, here's how you can you get started with Hammer Missions.


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